About Us

Rebranding & Launching ITO

ITO will be going through a second phase of rebranding that will deliver a world-class design and interactive digital media platform with high conversions: Our Website is in the infancy stage – Phase 1, however we wanted to share the general look and feel of what’s to come as we launch ITO this year. We will be following ITO 2020 Plan that will fully animate and populate this site. With your patience, we will accomplish the following to better meet the needs of our partners, members and tourists alike.

The development of Phase 2 of the rebrand will build on the initial concept but expand upon it and further refine the story of Indigenous Tourism in Ontario.

Populate and modify Phase 1 of this interactive web platform i.e. ‘explore’, ‘special packages’, ‘members circle’, to promote all sectors of tourism and house membership activities and interactive cues for better conversions.

Roll out the first ever online indigenous portal that directly connects tourists to ’authentic guides‘, referred to as ITO’s Authentic Indigenous Moments (AIM).

Hire a full time Digital Marketing Manager to build, maintain and evaluate social media and AIM. This will include building the brand as well as analytics to help improve conversions and customer connectivity.


Who are we:

Ontario has the opportunity to become a leader in Indigenous tourism by supporting Great Spirit Circle Trail’s (GSCT) efforts for servicing the north and laying down the foundation for an Indigenous Tourism Ontario (ITO) Strategy. Established in 2000, GSCT is an Indigenous tourism association that markets the region and First Nation communities of Manitoulin Island and Sagamok along the North Shore of Lake Huron. In addition to marketing the region’s tourism businesses, GSCT offers nature based and Indigenous cultural tourism experiences to visitors from Ontario, Canada and around the world.

The Great Sprit Circle Trail Inc. (GSCT) is a non-profit organization under eight First Nation communities within the Manitoulin-Sagamok region in Northern Ontario. It has the mandate to promote and assist Indigenous involvement in the tourism industry. GSCT will undertake a provincial stakeholder consultation process to allow key players to get involved and have their voices heard as the ITO develops over the next few years.

A regional and provincial approach to Indigenous tourism development will benefit the Indigenous tourism industry, Indigenous individuals, and communities. GSCT’s mandate will be to assist with developing ITO. GSCT will support, recognize and market Indigenous tourism businesses and communities in Ontario and grow the tourism receipts of Indigenous businesses.

The goal is to increase tourism receipts in First Nation communities through the development of marketing and partnership activities.